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One place for your stores, ops and maintenance teams to communicate, track maintenance, manage costs and deliver a better customer experience.

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Honestly, is this the way to maintain your locations?

Managing customer complaints out of your inbox

Relying on email, spreadsheets and your cell phone to handle your maintenance can cost you both time and money.

You can’t stay organized as you scale your size.
There’s no accountability when vendors drop the ball.
You can’t deliver a consistent customer experience.

Outsourcing everything to a property manager or broker

Giving up control of your maintenance means less control over the customer experience and often hefty markups on service.

There’s no transparency on pricing or quality.
You can’t control who is doing work in your buildings.
You won’t be able to learn from your data.

Making do with old, clunky CMMS software

Using legacy software with poor mobile support and confusing interfaces will only frustrate your vendors and team.

Your techs won’t be able to use it on their phones.
You’ll constantly need to train new staff how to use it.
You’ll be working for the tool instead of the tool working for you.

Luckily, there’s an easier way. More transparent, more cost-effective maintenance is only a few steps away.

Step 1

Give your team one pane of glass to report and track problems

Your team will have one place to report, track and talk about all the repairs needed at their locations.

Your team will easily see the latest status of all repairs.
Your team and vendors will be able to share notes, photos and videos without creating long email chains.
Everyone will know exactly what needs to be done.

Step 2

Automatically notify the right vendor or tech for the job

Work orders get routed to the right internal technician or third party contractor based on the location and skills needed.

You won’t waste time and money sending a handyman to work on your HVAC compressor.
You’ll ensure work goes to your preferred vendors, not whoever came up first in the Google search results.
Your techs will get your service requests faster, allowing them to fix your problems sooner.

Step 3

Get real-time updates from the field as repairs are made

Technicians can use the mobile app or website to schedule service and update you on progress as they complete the job.

Your staff will be able to coordinate with techs on timing and logistics of the repair work.
You’ll get notifications as things progress.
Service call notes and before/after photos will take the guess work out of what repairs were actually done.

Step 4

Schedule inspections and preventative maintenance to catch problems early

Automatically create, dispatch and track work orders for planned maintenance. Create and assign custom walkthrough checklists to members of your staff or third party vendors.

You’ll stay on top of preventative maintenance, reducing your repair costs by 18% on average.
Regular inspections will help your team catch problems before they become expensive emergencies.
By staying on top of PMs and inspections, you will reduce unplanned downtime by 11% on average.

Step 5

Track your equipment like your business depends on it

We help you build a comprehensive list of all your important equipment, enrich it with service and parts manuals, and help you sticker it with QR codes you can scan from your phone.

Your techs and vendors will know exactly what make and model needs repairs before they come to fix it.
You’ll have a comprehensive view of what equipment is still under warranty and what’s due to be replaced.
You’ll finally have the information you need to plan your capital budget, and the data to justify it.

Step 6

Analyze your data to find ways to reduce cost and improve service

Prebuilt reports make it easy to see how much repair work you’re doing, how much money you’re spending, and how your vendors and technicians are performing.

You’ll be able to identify recurring problems so can fix the root cause.
You’ll know exactly how much you spend on repairs.
You’ll be able to make decisions about staffing and vendor partnerships based on data.

This is why our customers love using OpenWrench

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We’ll onboard and train your team and vendors

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We’ll help transfer your historical data

No long-term contract required

No IT support required for setup