Store maintenance made simple

Hire and dispatch reliable, self-performing contractors just like Walmart and Tesla do. Without paying a middle man.

OpenWrench takes days to set up -- not weeks. The best part? It's free for your first 5 locations.

No credit card required.

Save time finding and managing contractors

A typical chain needs more than 100 contractors to keep its stores running.

That's why many businesses still rely on expensive national contractors or brokers.

We automatically recommend vetted, self-performing contractors for all your locations so you can go straight to the source.

See the status of every issue in one place

When you're using your inbox to keep track of service requests, it's easy to lose track.

Is the contractor coming on Wednesday or Thursday? Did that leak ever get fixed?

We give you a dashboard to track the status of every issue, so you never let a problem fall through the tracks.

Identify recurring problems

When you don't have a system to track your work, it's easy to spend every day running from one fire to the next.

But after your third condenser coil repair in 3 months, the costs of those fires can really add up.

We analyze your past work history so you can identify your most common problems and eliminate them once and for all.

Track every dollar

Run reports on invoice data to track costs over time and forecast next year's budget.

Cut out the middleman

Hire the best self-performing contractors directly and stop paying brokers 20-100% markups to forward your work orders.

Pay one monthly fee

Pay one low monthly subscription fee based on the number of locations you're managing. We never charge extra for implementation, access to your data or training and support.

Mobile friendly

Our real-time text and email notifications and our modern mobile apps make it easy to get work done wherever you are -- without having to lug around a laptop.

Our pledge

Up and running in two weeks.

Our platform is designed to work out of the box.

We take care of all the heavy lifting of loading your data, configuring your settings and setting up your accounts.

If you aren't ready to start dispatching contractors after two weeks, we'll refund your money no questions asked.

100% satisfaction.

We schedule quarterly check-ins with every customer to make sure they're achieving their goals and completely satisfied with our service.

If after 90 days, you're not ready to sing our praises from the rooftop of your nearest store, we'll refund your subscription fees no questions asked.

"You're going to like the way your store looks, I guarantee it!"

Matt Velker
Cofounder & CEO